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Flakka is a street name for alpha-PVP. This particular name is most commonly used in Florida; elsewhere it is often referred to as “gravel.” It is a chemical stimulant that has been around since the 1960s, but it has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, especially in the southern states. It’s become popular among very low-income users due to its intense mind-altering effects and cheap price, and is displacing crack cocaine in some areas. Columbus IN flakka drug rehab offers help to anyone with a flakka addiction.

Flakka has made national headlines with sensational stories of the behavior of its users. The effects are similar to PCP or other very strong hallucinogens, with those who are high on it often losing all sense of where they are and engaging in crazy behavior.

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The Effects and Dangers of Flakka

Aside from giving users hallucinations and putting them in a psychotic state, flakka can cause dangerously accelerated heart rate, hyperthermia, vomiting and seizures. At least two deaths by overdose have been recorded by the Drug Enforcement Agency, both due to multiple organ failure caused by serotonin syndrome.

Users of flakka experience extreme paranoia, anxiety and delusions. They may have outbursts of violence and appear to feel no pain. In one case, a woman high on flakka jumped through the glass front window of a stranger’s house and began assaulting them while screaming that she was God and Satan. Anyone who is high on flakka should be regarded as extremely unpredictable and a potential danger to themselves and others.

Flakka also causes muscle tissue to rapidly degrade, which can then leak into the bloodstream and cause serious kidney damage.

Patterns of Use

Flakka is chiefly popular due to the psychoactive high and low price, often referred to as “$5 Insanity” due to the common street price of five dollars per dose. But it also used by some because it does not show up on standard drug tests.

Flakka and similar drugs were legal to import into the United States until 2012, so a large domestic supply has been built up. Alpha-PVP is still commonly produced all over the world and smuggled into the country.

How to Get Help

If you need help with addiction to flakka or a similar substance, you should set up Columbus medical detox immediately. Our facilities can wean you off flakka, set up a long-term treatment plan and keep your life from spiraling out of control. In addition, patients are encouraged to attend a Narcotics Anonymous ( meeting after treatment is complete.

You don’t have to become a victim of flakka addiction. Call drug rehab centers in Columbus IN today!

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