Opiate Withdrawal Treatment Columbus, IN

As with any drug, the most obvious sign than you or a loved one has developed an addiction is the feeling that there is a necessity or craving to take the drug, especially other than it may have been prescribed. If a prescription medication is not having the same effect it did when it was first ordered, a tolerance may have been developed and the prescribing physician should be contacted immediately.
If a drug was taken recreationally and the idea was to only indulge infrequently but has become habitual, drug and alcohol treatment center professionals can assist you with the proper course of action to take.
Due to the dangers involved with opiate withdrawal, medical detox may be necessary in order to initially break the addiction. Supervised detoxification is beneficial because not only is the patient monitored for any acute medical problems that may occur during withdrawal but relapses can be prevented as well as the person has no access to the drug. Additionally, in many cases of opiate addiction, a substitute drug may be employed like methadone that takes the place of the opiate and then is slowly reduced until the individual no longer has any drug in their system.
Two forms of the opioid antagonist naltrexone, disulfiram, and acamprosate. Opioids and opioid antagonists may be prescribed for heroin and other opioid addictions, with methadone and buprenorphine often prescribed on a long-term basis in the context of opioid replacement therapy. Also known as methadone therapy or opioid substitution therapy, this maintenance therapy helps opioid addicts to live safer and more productive lives by reducing the risks associated with illegal opioid use.
After withdrawal and Detoxification patients can then move onto rehabilitation as the next step in their recovery. In rehab recovering addicts learn their own set of relapse prevention strategies and are assisted in identifying drug use triggers so that they can have the best possible probability of remaining in recovery and leading a drug-free life going forward.
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